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      LCD Splice Display Screen

      LCD splice screen with the functions of high picture-reduction , high brightness display and automatic shadow elimination, greatly improve its visual performance. To adopt the latest 3D digital decoding, image noise reduction and digital image correction technology. LCD offers you the best visual enjoyment.

      KEY Feature

      Multi-screen selectable

      The LCD screen supports dual signals synchronous inputs.And the showing position and size are optional to maximize the utilization of display.

      Multi-screen selectable

      Supports AV/S-Video/YPBPR/VGA/DVI/HDMI/RCA.

      Low energy consumption and long-term life usage

      Built-in powerful battery with low energy consumption, can support long- term up to 60,000 hours continuous working.

      Wireless control supported

      Equipped with sensitive infrared receiving unit, it can realize the monitor parameters adjustment remotely.


      Bundle Software

      Smart study device

      Recording system device